Are you looking for some company in the saddle?

Would you quite like to join a bike club, but you’re worried that bike clubs are elitist and hardcore, cater only for the super fit and the crazily dedicated, and have no time for developing the fitness and skills of newcomers?

Well, we've probably all been there at some point in time, which is why we founded VC Glasgow South in 2008 as an inclusive cycling club with a clear focus upon active participation and progression for all members. We are very keen on competition, however our club is about much more than bike racing.

VCGS members are very easy to identify when in the saddle and are very welcoming to newcomers. You'll spot us out on the road (or on the track or on a trail) on every day of the week, right throughout the entire year - training rides, social rides, road racing, TT'ing, track racing, cyclocross, gravel, cyclosportives, etc.