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Welcome to VC Glasgow South

Are you looking for some company in the saddle but worried that bike clubs are elitist, hardcore and only for the superfit and crazily dedicated? Well, we've all been there - which is why we set up VC Glasgow South in 2008.

VCGS, aka the Lime Green Machine (for obvious reasons), is the friendly face of Scottish cycling. We are very easy to spot and you will see us out on the road (or track or trail) on every day of the week, right throughout the year -training, road racing, TTing, velodrome, cyclosportives, etc.

A very popular entry point into our club is via one of our two Sunday rides, when we gear down and place extra emphasis on the social aspects of cycling. These social rides are scheduled for every Sunday, and you are warmly invited to join us at this time to meet and ride with the VCGS members.

Sunday Run #1 departs from Eaglesham Cross(click here for a map) The start time is normally 9 am, although from November to February (inclusive) the start time is 9:30 am. From time-to-time, start points other than Eaglesham Cross are used, for variety. For a runs schedule and detailed info about routes and distances please see the rides & routes section of this website.
Typically, the group rides for 3-4 hours at an average speed of around 15 mph. We have two important rules: 1) We cycle at the pace of the slowest rider, to ensure that nobody gets dropped, and 2) We always - always - have a cafe stop during the ride, for coffee, cake and banter.

Sunday Run #2 departs from Newton Mearns, and the start time is 10 am. It is a bit shorter and easier than the earlier ride, and very relaxed. The meeting point is the car park of the Malletsheugh Inn (latest name: Indian Platform; (click here for a map). The riding time is normally 2-3 hours.

If you're brand new to cycling and/or unsure about the distances or average speeds involved, then please come along to the shorter 10 am Sunday Run and/or get in contact for more info

We hope to see you out on the road soon!

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